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Apply Magic Sauce


Vendor Relationship Management


MIT Center for Civic Media


Data & Society


Pew Research: The State of Privacy in America


AI Talk: SheSays @ RGA NYC


CRN Big Data 100


Datamation Top 25




The coming collapse of surveillance marketing?


Zero Hedge: Here's How Google Tracks You and What You Can Do


The Guardian: anti-surveillance-clothing-facial-recognition-hyperface


The Guardian: Facial-recognition-a-powerful-ad-tool-or-privacy-nightmare?


The Guardian: Face-recognition-app-end-public-anonymity


VPNs and Privacy


Google Starts Tracking Offline Shopping LA Times


"Peeping Tom" Smartphone


Google Lens


Social Media Predicts the Future


NYT: In Life and Business, Learning to Be Ethical


The Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies To Work For In 2015


Artificial Intelligence Used to Alter Your Behavior




Facial Recognition and Character Identification (Are you gay? Conservative? High IQ?)


Tinder Data Collection


Facebook algorithms discover, reveal prostitutes and their johns


How Facebook’s Master Algorithm Powers the Social Network


How Facebook Figures Out Everyone Youve Ever Met


AI Algorithms and Regulation versus Accountability




Deleuze + Foucault + Discipline + Control


"Ethics For The New Surveillance," The Information Society, Vol. 14, No. 3, 1998. Gary T. Marx


“What’s New About the New Surveillance”? Classifying for Change and Continuity," Surveillance & Society 1(1):9-29 2002. Gary T. Marx


Tracking Consumers Online...


Database of Ruin


Iron Cagebook


Surveillance Capitalism


PowerPoint Presentation:
What is Privacy?


Big Data Ethics, Richards, King


Social Media Predicts the Future


Ethics for AI




Art + Culture


Glassroom NYC (Mozilla & online privacy)


If your shop assistant was an app... (hidden camera)


The Prisoner

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